Hotel on Lake Garda

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Lake Garda

A lake as beautiful as the beginning of creation

Lake Garda has an irresistible allure, a magical and magnetic place that has drawn and inspired artists and poets for centuries. In 1912, the English writer DH Lawrence and his companion Frieda stayed for several months along the shores of the lake, and his words still ring true: “The lake lies dim and milky, the mountains are dark blue... the sky glistens...the light burns gold.”

Lake Garda covers an area of 50 km, ranging from a width of 1 km to 16 km from one side to the other. With a total area of 370 km² it is the largest of the Italian lakes.

The lake’s large surface mass helps to temper the climate, giving milder temperatures in winter and less persistent rain, with warm summers interrupted by brief storms.

The natural flora along Lake Garda is a veritable paradise for botanists, thanks to the mild climate along the lakeshore and in the surrounding mountains. The extremely diverse species include wild and cultivated plants such as olive trees, vines, walnut and chestnut trees, and citrus fruits.

Hotel Gabry is located in Alto Garda, the northern part of the lake and technically in Trentino. Here the contrasting harmony between lakeshore and mountain create landscapes to take your breath away, with mountain peaks reflected in the clear waters, surrounded by the scent of lemons.

A Retreat to Riva del Garda

We loved the wonderful walks, visiting the castle of Buonconsiglio in Trento, relaxing in the hotel’s wellness center with no-one else around, dinners in the historic center of Riva del Garda Giupidi - Booking​