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Yoga Hotel by Garda

Disconnecting from the daily routine, soothing your body and mind, coming back home with a new energy to face your tasks: these are the effects of a holiday by the Lake Garda. The authentic nature, the fresh and clean atmosphere, the genuine food, organic and local of course. If this is not enough to you, to make your stay at Riva del Garda perfect, choose a hotel where you can practise yoga, tai chi and meditation: choose Hotel Gabry. Here, we believe mind and body are bound: they need the same care to break free from any worry and anxiety. Only this way, you can fully enjoy your stay and come back home in the best mood to face the daily routine.

As we consider yoga and meditation necessary to happiness, at the Hotel Gabry we include them among our free services. If they are the basis for your wellbeing, we want to contribute to it every day with all the classes you need. If you would like to recover a perfect balance of ying and yang, through asana positions and the right rhythm of breathing, try our yoga and meditation retreat. Our teachers, professional in yoga and tai chi, will lead you in simple classes from Monday to Friday, to make you feel better from the first day. Do not worry about anything: you will find mats and tools at our hotel; you just have to wear comfortable clothes and be focused on breathing.

If you are looking for a yoga hotel at Riva del Garda, do not wait anymore: Hotel Gabry welcomes you at open arms for the wellness of body and mind.