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Caring for what sustains us

Hotel Gabry is truly an eco-friendly hotel. We see it as our duty to care for the environment that hosts and pampers us, and to ensure our children inherit a better world.

We take care to minimize waste and pollution without compromising on any of the services and comforts expected of a high-quality hotel such as ours.

We are all part of nature. Let’s look after each other.

Saving Energy

  • Condensing boilers that reduce up to 70% of combustion gases
  • Solar panels for hot water, with zero impact
  • Low-energy LED light bulbs

Respect for the Environment

  • Eco label products for cleaning and personal hygiene
  • Eco-friendly spa products for guests
  • Waste sorting and recycling

Cooking with a Conscience

  • All our cakes and biscuits are homemade from local ingredients, made fresh every morning by Barbara, our keeper of family recipes
  • Each breakfast includes natural and fresh products that are organic and can claim zero food miles – having traveled locally they have minimized the carbon dioxide involved in regional and international food transport
  • Our olive oil comes from our own olive groves in the biotope of Monte Brione and has been cold-pressed and bottled by local mills
  • We offer a cruelty-free buffet for those wanting a breakfast that is vegan, tasty, and ethical

“Green” Rooms

  • All the furniture in our rooms is made from wood from sustainable sources, and uses only water-based paints
  • The beautiful parquet flooring is made of wood treated with natural oils, laid down with non-toxic glues
  • Each room contains power circuit breakers which block electromagnetic interference, ensuring you get a good night’s sleep
  • The rooms are decorated according to the principles of chromotherapy, to help create a restful stay for mind and body