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Vegan Holidays by Garda

If a vegan-friendly life is quite easy nowadays – thanks to restaurants and supermarkets careful to this kind of choice – a vegan travel is not always so easy. When you choose a cruelty free holiday, you face a hard work, compromising often with taste.

At Riva del Garda, surrounded by green nature and the clearest water of the lake, there is a vegan-friendly hotel combining a wide range – sweet and salty – with a universe of flavours. The three-star Hotel Gabry offers every day, close to the traditional one, a totally vegan and cruelty free breakfast, with delicious homemade recipes.

Among the sweets, a freshly baked cake stands out, together with different types of biscuits, prepared with seeds and special flours. These delicacies match perfectly with the authentic and healthy taste of our fruit juices, biological of course. We personally bake also bread, wholemeal and organic, to join flavour and wellbeing from the early morning. If you prefer savoury, there is plenty of vegan choice tempting you every day: millet or chickpea pies, quiques, in addition to chia, sunflower and rosemary toasted-seeds. Seasonal fruit – fresh or in salad – goes with race milk and soy yoghurt or with teas and herbal infusions.

The Hotel Gabry is the right choice if you are looking for a vegan-friendly hotel at Riva del Garda. Start your holiday with a 100% vegetable breakfast, continue your day with free yoga and meditation classes, fall asleep with memories of stunning landscapes you visited thanks to our bikes. In our structure by the Lake Garda we believe the vegan lifestyle you chose, that follows you also in travelling, includes a particular attention to the care of your body and mind. In every moment of the day, we look after the environment, with “green” and sustainable choices.

Stay at our vegan-friendly hotel in Riva del Garda: you have never had such a pleasant holiday in Trentino.