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Yoga and meditation retreats by the Lake Garda

Yoga and meditation retreats by the Lake Garda

Hotel Gabry: the only place where yoga and tai chi are part of the holiday


Yoga: a union of breath, body and mind. Tai Chi: the Taoist old martial art that evolves around the Ying and the Yang, the conciliation of good and evil.

Here at Hotel Gabry we believe these disciplines are the recipe for happiness. And since the thing we love the most is to see our guests happy, we offer free Yoga and Tai Chi classes. To help you live in peace with yourself, with others and the environment, you need to find that inner balance that’s so easy to miss when you’re stuck in daily routine. Is there any better place than your holiday by the Lake Garda to get that balance back?

To anyone willing to enjoy it, we offer a true Yoga and meditation retreat by the Lake Garda… for free!

When you book any stay at Hotel Gabry, you get:

    Our teacher, Viviane, will guide you through the style of the “new yoga will” by Heinz Grill, A German alpinist and writer who was also her teacher.
    Marco, our teacher, will show you the moves of this amazing discipline, which is accessible to all ages and physical shape, with the outmost simplicity
  • MATS AND TOOLS: just wear comfortable clothes and we’ve got you covered on everything else.