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Physiotherapy on Lake Garda

New for 2019

Our physiotherapist Dr. M. Lausi will follow you in the rehabilitation of traumas and injuries with his personal method which combines the classic massage techniques ( Tecar on request), manipulations, gymnastics and new holistic healing techniques.

We recommend at least 3 days of stay but single treatments are also available.




Conceived to reach a new dimension of psychophysical relaxation. Particularly recommended in pathologies like: fibromyalgia, myotensive headaches, muscular and skeletal pains but also for all those who are looking for a state of deep relax

Daily Contents:

  • 1 manual treatment
  • 1 breathing technique
  • 1 Sound Bath with Crystal Bowls - group session


Back & neck + specific areas

Treatment of problems related to lumbar and cervical areas or other areas based on customer needs.

Daily Contents:

  • 1 meeting for problem assessment and program creation
  • 1 Manual physiotherapy session
  • 1 group sound balancing bath session


Pre and post surgery

Aimed at those who need therapeutic recovery activities or in preparation for surgery.

Daily Contents​:

  • 1 meeting to create a personal programm
  • 1 Manual physiotherapy session
  • 1 group sound balancing bath session


Course “Daily self-treatment”


  • 1 h meeting for postural and skeletal muscle assessment.
  • 3 h selection and execution of specific stretching and toning exercises
  • Free entry re-balancing group sound bath

Price List:

Package of your choice:                                    

1 incontro     € 70,00
2 incontri € 135,00
3 incontri € 200,00
5 incontri € 310,00
7 incontri € 420,00

Course “Daily self-treatment” 190,00 Euro tot. 4 ore